Photo:  Atterbury

Daisy Atterbury

Lecturer III and Director of Undergraduate Studies

Humanities 454

Photo:  Correia

David Correia

Professor of American Studies

he, him
Humanities 440

Photo:  Goldstein

Alyosha Goldstein

Professor of American Studies and Director of Graduate Studies

Humanities 436

Photo:  Holscher

Kathleen Holscher

Associate Professor and Endowed Chair in Roman Catholic Studies

Humanities 459

Photo:  J. Galarte

Francisco J. Galarte

Associate Professor of American Studies and Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies


Photo:  Nez Denetdale

Jennifer Nez Denetdale

Professor and Chair of American Studies

Humanities 430

Photo:  Schreiber

Rebecca Schreiber

Professor of American Studies

Humanities 426

Photo:  Trujillo

Michael L. Trujillo

Associate Professor of American Studies and Chicana and Chicano Studies

Humanities 438

Affiliated Faculty:

  • Ronda Brulotte (Food & Agricultural Systems, Critical Heritage Studies, Commodities & Material Culture)
  • John Carr (Urban Governance, Form & Planning; Legal Geography; Community/Activist Based Research)
  • Finnie Coleman (African American, Afro-Mexican, Hip Hop Studies)
  • Shinsuke Eguchi (Asian/Pacific/American Studies, Gender & LGBTQ Studies, Performance Studies)
  • Myrriah Gomez (Chicana/o & Indigenous Literatures, US Atomic History & Culture)
  • Bernadine Hernández (American Literary Studies, Critical Gender and Sexuality Studies)
  • Szu-Han Ho (Contemporary Art & Performance, Art & Ecology, Transnational Migration)
  • Liz Hutchison (Latin American Labor History, Gender & Sexuality in Latin America)
  • Claudia Isaac (Identity Planning, Community-based Research, Scholarship & Practice)
  • Kristina Jacobsen (Navajo Nation, Country Music, Politics of Indigeneity)
  • Lloyd Lee (Indigenous Community Building, Identity, Masculinities, Leadership & Philosophies)
  • Tiffany Lee (Indigenous Education; Indigenous Language Revitalization)
  • Nancy Lopez (Sociology of Race)
  • Troy Lovata (American Cultural Landscapes, Visual & Material Culture)
  • Jason Smith (Political Economy, Modern American Political History)
  • Sam Truett (U.S.-Mexico Borderlands History, Environmental History)
  • Melina Vizcaíno-Alemán (Chicana/o and Southwest Studies

Emeritus Faculty:

  • Vera Norwood, PhD, University of New Mexico
  • M. Jane Young, PhD, University of Pennsylvania