Transferring to UNM American Studies

Thinking of transferring to UNM American Studies?

American Studies at UNM provides students with the tools to understand their lived experience in relation to questions of identity, place, and power. Our classes offer new ways to not only learn about systems of racism, colonialism, capitalism, nationalism, and gender and sexual normativity as they impact our lives, but also to actively transform the world in which we live. Rather than focusing mainly on the study of “American culture,” American Studies encourages students to begin from an understanding of the specific place and context in which we study in order to unsettle the relations of power at work in conventional ways of making sense of the world. Since its beginning, our department has maintained a hemispheric and global perspective, while also focusing on scholarly explorations of the Southwest and New Mexico.


  • How to apply
    • Submit your application at APPLY.UNM.EDU
    • Pay the non-refundable application fee
    • Send official transcript(s) to UNM Admissions once completed 24 credit hours with at least a "C" average (2.0 on 4.0 GPA scale) in all transferrable college work
    • Contact the UNM Office of Admissions for additional questions at 505.277.8900
    • Submit a FAFSA application at and add the UNM school code, 002663
    • Apply for scholarships
  • Once admitted
    • Create a NetID at
    • Sign-up and attend an orientation program and meet with your major academic advisor to determine transfer coursework and to plan upcoming semester courses
    • Review transfer coursework through your Lobotrax Degree Audit at

In preparation for transferring to UNM, it is highly recommended to complete the following courses:

  • General Education:
    • Communication
    • Mathematics & Statistics
    • Second Language
  • Core Courses:
    • AMST 1105, Introduction to American Studies
    • AMST 2110, American Life and Thought
  • and other General Education curriculum.

To understand transfer credits from other institutions, use UNM's Transfer Equivalency System (TES), click on the "Transfer Equivalencies" link, then search for your school by typing in the name in the search tool.

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