Alyosha Goldstein

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Office: Humanities 436

Professor of American Studies and Director of Graduate Studies

Education: PhD, New York University
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Research Interest

Colonialism and Decolonization, Critical Race and Indigenous Studies, Racial Capitalism in Global Perspective, Social Movements, Social and Political Theory

Alyosha Goldstein is professor of American studies. His research focuses on the historical interconnections of colonialism, racialization, and capitalism as these configurations change over time and are reproduced and contested in the present. He is the author of Poverty in Common: The Politics of Community Action during the American Century(Duke University Press, 2012), the editor of Formations of United States Colonialism (Duke University Press, 2014), and the coeditor (with Simón Ventura Trujillo) of For Antifascist Futures: Against the Violence of Imperial Crisis (Common Notion, 2022). He and Adom Getachew are coediting The Cambridge History of Colonialism and Decolonization, Volume IV: 1914–2001 for Cambridge University Press. His forthcoming book, This Colonial Present: Dispossession, Irreparation, and the Ground Not Given, will be published in the Duke University Press “Global and Insurgent Legalities” series, and is a study of United States colonialism, racial capitalism, genealogies of Black and Native dispossession, and the politics of law and redress. 

Goldstein co-organized, with Joe Lowndes and Laura Pulido, Territories of White Supremacy: Opposing the Far Right in the Pacific Northwest and Beyond, a symposium at the University of Oregon (2023); with Natalia Brizuela, Samera Esmeir, and Rebecca Schreiber, Relations Beyond Colonial Borders: Indigeneity, Racialization, Hospitality, an International Consortium for Critical Theory Programs (University of California, Berkeley) workshop convened in Albuquerque (2023); Water and Indigenous Relations: An Institute for American Indian Research Symposium at the University of New Mexico (2022); and, with Denise Ferreira da Silva and Mark Harris, three consecutive annual meetings of The Global Condition workshop at the Performing Arts Forum in Saint-Erme, France (2017-2019). 

Goldstein is a member of the Critical Ethnic Studies journal editorial collective, serves on the editorial board of Native American and Indigenous Studies, and is a book review editor for American Quarterly

Selected Courses

  • AMST 550 - Anticolonial Worldmaking 
  • AMST 550 - Racial Capitalism
  • AMST 550 - Colonialism & Decolonization
  • AMST 520 - Land and Indigenous Politics in the Americas
  • AMST 520 - Planetary Futures

  • AMST 1140 - Introduction to Critical Race and Indigenous Studies
  • AMST 309 - Social Justice and Community Engagement / Food Justice
  • AMST 385 - The Problem of America