David Correia

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Office: Humanities 440

Professor of American Studies

Education: PhD, University of Kentucky
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Research Interest

Critical Environmental Politics, Critical Legal Studies, Marxism, New Mexico and the U.S. Southwest

I am an Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of American Studies at the University of New Mexico. I write and teach in the areas of environmental politics, violence and its relation to law & property, critical human geography and political economy. I have a regional focus on New Mexico and the wider U.S. Southwest.


  • Police: A Field Guide. Verso Books (2018).
  • Properties of Violence: Law and Land Grant Struggle in Northern New Mexico. University of Georgia Press (2013).

Scholarly Articles

  • Apocalypse, the Radical Left and the Post-political Condition. Capitalism Nature Socialism, 24: 1, 6-8 [Introduction co-written with Mazen Labban and Matt Huber for a symposium on environmental politics co-organized with Labban and Huber] 2013.
  • Degrowth, American Style: No Impact Man and Bourgeois Primitivism. Capitalism Nature Socialism, 23:1, 105-118. 2012.
  • "Retribution will be their reward": New Mexico's Las Gorras Blancas and and the Fight for the Las Vegas Land Grant Commons. Radical History Review. [Special issue on Enclosures, edited by Amy Chazkel and David Serlin] 2010.
  • The certified Maine North Woods, where money grows from trees. Geoforum 41 (1), 66-73. [Special issue on Transparency & Social Action in Certified & Ethical Commodity Networks, edited by Tad Mutersbaugh and Sarah Lyon]. 2009.
  • Making Destiny Manifest: United States Territorial Expansion and the Dispossession of Two Mexican Property Claims, 1824--1899. Journal of Historical Geography 35 (1), 87-103. 2008.
  • "Rousers of the Rabble" in the New Mexico Land Grant War: Alianza Federal de Mercedes and the Violence of the State. Antipode 40 (4), 561-583. 2008.
  • Taking Timber, Earth and Water: The Denver and Rio Grande Railroad and the Struggle for New Mexico's Land Grants. Natural Resources Journal 48 (4), 949-962. [Special issue on Land Grants and the Law: The Disputed Legal Histories of New Mexico's Land Grants] 2008.
  • Land Speculation in New Mexico During the Territorial Period. Natural Resources Journal 48 (4), 927-947. 2008.
  • The sustained yield forest management act and the roots of environmental conflict in northern New Mexico. Geoforum 38 (5), 1040-1051. 2005.
  • From Agropastoralism to Sustained Yield Forestry: Industrial Restructuring, Rural Change, and the Land-grant Commons in Northern New Mexico. Capitalism Nature Socialism 16 (1), 25-44. [Special issue on The Commodification of Nature, edited by Nik Heynen and Paul Robbins] 2004.
  • On the Etiology of Rangeland Degradation in Northern New Mexico: A Critique of Establishment Explanations. The Southwestern Geographer 8, 35-63. 2004.

Book Chapters

  • 2012. Alianza Federal de Mercedes: “Rousers of the Rabble” in the New Mexico Land Grant War. In Sunshine and Shadows in New Mexico’s Past: Since 1912, Volume 3, edited by Richard Melzer. Albuquerque: New Mexico Historical Society
  • 2007. A “Continuous and Ample Supply”: Sustained Yield Timber Production in Northern New Mexico. In Neoliberal Environments: False Promises and Unnatural Consequences, edited by Nik Heynen, James McCarthy, Scott Prudham, and Paul Robbins. New York: Routledge.


  • AMST 182 Introduction to Environment, Science and Technology
  • AMST 320 Nature, Science and Anxiety in the Zombie Films of George Romero
  • AMST 320 Nature and Technopolitics
  • AMST 500 Marxism and Nature
  • AMST 520 Environmental Justice