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Sarah Haynes

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Comparative Cultural & Popular Culture Studies/Southwest Studies

Graduation Year:


I was an academic advisor for three years while the health field continued to pull at me, so I am in my final year of graduate school with the Community Health Education program. In the meantime, I coordinate a school garden and I have written and received grants. I am also a founding member of a community health organization.

Why did you major in American Studies?

Well I have to admit, I majored in American Studies because I had interests in so many different academic fields and I thought that this would be a great fit. Little did I know that this major would actually provide me a toolbox with different lenses that allows me to have a very colorful viewpoint within the health field.

How has your American Studies degree helped you in your career?

Health in America, like so many other aspects of American life, is a trickle down process and many are marginalized as a result. I can recognize hidden obstacles through the health care system and design ways to make health fields more available and accessible while maintaining strong cultural value systems on both local and global levels. I appreciate this experience every day.