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Danielle Gilliam

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Comparative Cultural & Popular Culture Studies

Graduation Year:


Upon graduation I accepted a position as a staff member here at The University of New Mexico. As a Program Specialist, I have worked in many areas of the University, most notably in developing our alternative and sustainable transportation programs. I have earned a Masters in Public Administration and will soon begin a Ph.D. program.

Why did you major in American Studies?

I was attracted to the inter-disciplinary nature of the studies. Not only did this give me more control and opportunity to craft my learning to my interests, but it provided a solid foundation of knowledge, critical thinking skills, and writing experience that I could easily build upon my career and additional educational pursuits. 

How has your American Studies degree helped you in your career?

The material in American Studies is extremely engaging, thought-provoking, and often challenging. It is the kind of challenge you enjoy so much you hardly notice how fervently you are advancing your critical thinking skills. I have this program to thank not only for the breadth of knowledge I received, but for strong problem solving abilities and very useful interpersonal communication skills.