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Alexis Laube-Manigault

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Why did you major in American Studies?

I majored in American Studies because I was interested in studying culture and learning more about sociopolitical contexts that I interact with everyday. When I learned about American Studies I was really excited that it was so interdisciplinary and that it connected so many issues together. I was interested in work within family services and social work so I minored in Family Studies as well. The two programs compliment each other very well because I was learning about individual and family dynamics as well as larger social dynamics. I think that it is imperative for those employed in any sort of social service positions to understand how our culture is impacted by law, history, media and institutions because all of these things impact individuals in their daily lives. I am proud that I am an American Studies graduate because I will use these perspectives and analytical skills in any position I enter in the future.

How has your American Studies degree helped you in your career?

As a result of the American Studies program and other experiences I have had, I find that all the issues and problems in our society are directly related to our education systems. I am now a graduate student in the Language, Literacy and Sociocultural Studies department in the UNM College of Education and am able to relate my knowledge from American Studies directly into an education field. The major prepared me well for graduate school because there is a lot of reading and writing involved, so graduate school is not any more overwhelming than my undergrad was (so far). The American Studies program has provided me with writing and critical thinking skills, as well as the perspectives that I will need to understand and address the personal challenges that I may come across within any education or social service position I may enter.