Transferring to UNM American Studies

Thinking of transferring to UNM American Studies?

American Studies at UNM provides students with the tools to understand their lived experience in relation to questions of identity, place, and power. Our classes offer new ways to not only learn about systems of racism, colonialism, capitalism, nationalism, and gender and sexual normativity as they impact our lives, but also to actively transform the world in which we live. Rather than focusing mainly on the study of “American culture,” American Studies encourages students to begin from an understanding of the specific place and context in which we study in order to unsettle the relations of power at work in conventional ways of making sense of the world. Since its beginning, our department has maintained a hemispheric and global perspective, while also focusing on scholarly explorations of the Southwest and New Mexico.

Looking for support in the transfer process?

Email Danielle Berrien at to get connected with a transfer advocate, whose goal will be to guide you through the process of becoming a successful student at UNM, connecting you with the people and resources to do so.

You will be matched with a transfer advocate (mentor) as you transfer. Your mentor will be a graduate student at UNM, pursuing either a Master's or Ph.D. degree, and who very possibly was a transfer student from a community college to a 4-year university. They can give you tips on navigating the system at UNM and they have the inside scoop on internship and research possibilities with UNM faculty.

Transferring from CNM?

Consider looking into the New Mexico Humanities Now! Transfer Program. This program is open to all humanities students transferring from Central New Mexico Community College (CNM) to the University of New Mexico (UNM). It is designed to help students make the transition between the two schools as smooth as possible. In addition to extensive support to guide you through the transfer process, NM Humanities Now! also provides:

  • Personal guidance and mentoring from current UNM Humanities graduate students
  • Stipend money for Summer Academy at UNM, where you can earn 6 credits toward your degree
  • Internship and research opportunities
  • Stipend money for assisting with faculty research
  • Career exploration service
  • Educational programs and presentations 

To participate in the NM Humanities Now! Transfer Program, just email Danielle Berrien at

For more information on transferring from CNM to UNM, reach out to Gerardo Martinez-Luna at