Lissie Perkal

Lissie Perkal [article image]

Lissie Perkal is a radical queer, gender-bending, feminist, activist, and scholar whose name is confusingly spelled with “S’s” but pronounced as if it were spelled with “Z’s.” Lissie is pursuing a Masters in American Studies with a certificate in Women’s Studies. Lissie received a Bachelors of University Studies with a concentration in Social Justice Studies from University of New Mexico in 2013. Lissie’s academic training is firmly grounded in social justice, feminist theory, and critical theory. Lissie’s current academic interest is in feminist theory, queer native studies, citizenship, and the intersections of art and social justice. Lissie is an active member of UNM’s Students for Justice in Palestine and loves to bike, do bike maintenance, go on walks, watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and read zines.