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Forum on Academic Freedom and Activism

September 19, 2014

The American Studies Department recently hosted an open forum on Academic Freedom and Activism at the University of New Mexico Student Union Building.

Among the questions addressed by the forum were:

  • What happens when the academic freedom of some perpetuates the lack of freedom for others?
  • What forms of speech are included in academic freedom?
  • How might community engagement reveal the complexities of academic freedom?
  • Are there boundaries of speech and activism in the classroom, particularly when teaching about politically charged subjects?

Participants on the panel were:

  • Alex Lubin, Moderator, American Studies Department Chair
  • David Correia, Associate Professor of American Studies
  • Nick Estes, Graduate Student in American Studies
  • Marsha Baum, Chair, Academic Freedom and Tenure Committee, UNM
  • Hank Reichman, American Association of University Professors, AAUP

For a video of the panel discussion, click here