Teresa Cutler-Broyles

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I have a BA in English/Creative Writing/Cultural Anthropology and an MA in Comp Lit and Cultural Studies. After nine years of an accidental career in Technical Writing and Editing, and flirting with the idea of a PhD in Political Science, I discovered the American Studies program and jumped in. My three main fields of study are American Orientalism, Film Studies and Performance Studies, and through them I study representations of other in film and media, with a focus on the Middle East, terrorism, and the world since September 11, 2001. I’m a politics junkie. My goal is to teach and write about the vital connections between America and the Middle East, as well as continue to run my cultural writing workshops (info below).

I teach film studies in the Media Arts Department here at UNM, creative writing in the community and online through Story Circle Network. I will be teaching classes for UNM Continuing Education starting in the spring of 2012. I’m a published author (local, regional, national and international magazines, online and a small book of travel essays) and own a small business, InkWell International LLC. Through InkWell I do writing and editing of fiction, non-fiction and screenplays, and I organize cultural writing tours to Italy and Turkey, as well as local writers’ conferences and screenwriting conferences. My guilty secret is that I’ve spent many thousands of dollars on Amazon.com buying books.

I can be reached at teresa_cutler@comcas.net or at my website www.tlc-writingcoach.com.