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Rafael A. Martinez

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Rafael graduated from California State University, Dominguez Hills with a double major in History and Chicana/o Studies. He completed his Masters degree in two years at the University of New Mexico in American Studies finishing his Masters thesis, “Counter Culture Youth: Immigrant Rights Activism and the Undocumented Youth Vanguard” that conducts a deep social, historical and political analysis of the Undocumented Youth Movement. His analysis of the Undocumented Youth Movement sheds light on formations of civil rights activism within youth and identity formations that contest normative formations of citizenship. Rafael has a variety of interests in the areas of comparative cultural studies, critical race and class studies, critical regionalism, transnationalism, colonialism, globalism, and indigeneity. He is particularly interested in studying the collaborations of different ethnic groups in social movements and demonstrations. Rafael is a recipient of a fellowship provided by the Center of Regional Studies at UNM. As a PhD candidate, Rafael looks to continue to expand his project on the Undocumented Youth Movement into a future dissertation.