Benjamin Abbott

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Benjamin is a PhD student, practicing anarchist revolutionary on the streets, science fiction author, and genderqueer transhumanist visionary. Eir interest in radical politics and the humanities began with reading Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States as a teenager. Ey majored in Creative Writing and History with a minor in Zoology at North Carolina State University. Learning about the Plan de San Diego uprising and working Richard Slatta convinced em to purpose an MA in History here at the University of New Mexico. In that department, Benjamin developed a focus on the international anarchist movement in the era of Mexican Revolution. Ey joined American Studies on the advice of friends and professors. Eir current research looks at narratives of gender and sexuality across the Partido Liberal Mexicano and U.S. anarchist-feminist scene. Other interests include socialist-feminist Shulamith Firestone’s thought, technology politics, queer theory, postcolonialism, and so on – anything that fosters liberation. Ey simultaneously critiques and contributes to the transhumanist movement at eir blog Queering the Singularity. Contact Benjamin at